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Holy hell. Thank you. As someone who has a MAD crush on Sal from BL2, I don't see nearly enough smut/near smut of him. I'm a complete perv, I know, but I have such a mancrush on him.

I don’t either! <3
Pervs unite! \o/


I’m so spaced out after that picture now….like….what do I even do with myself.

I think sarah-borrows is going to kill me.

She literally draws everything I hold fucking dear in this world.

  • Salvador
  • pole dancing
  • strippers
  • topless pin ups


I need her art printed on canvas’ and put up on my wall. Dear god.

/u\ awww I’m flattered! Thank you!~
I blame you for getting me hooked though…

I regret NOTHING!

I regret NOTHING!

Looks like I&#8217;m stuck with a guy who&#8217;s addicted to cyber enhancements XD

Looks like I’m stuck with a guy who’s addicted to cyber enhancements XD


no doubt i fucked this up

okay but consider WilhelmXSalvador though

and it’ll happen eventually…


I have a mighty need to draw this monster now…good god. I need more of that spanish stud muffin.

Like…imagine him flexing to hard his top rips I just. Give me that right now please.



Here you go~

Duddeeee, awesome Salv pic! Will there be any more? ;)

Drawing one right now! <3

Awesome Salvador picture. Love that little ball of rage.

Again, don’t know why I haven’t drawn him sooner. :’D He was the first character I played in BL2! Thank you! <3

Just letting people know now, I’m deleting all of my inbox messages. I have so many atm now that I’m skipping over some I’ve been meaning to respond to. I’m sorry in advance to anyone who might of asked or suggested something to me. :’) I promise you I read them all, but after this I am hoping to organize myself better with them.